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This site is designed to organize community preparedness and recovery in Dallas, Texas. This site was started by Garland, TX Office of Emergency Management on December 27, 2015 and is managed by local organizations in the community.

Residents can request help or sign up to donate and volunteer by clicking on the buttons above. Your information and offerings will be kept confidential and only shown to vetted organizations helping in the community.

Organizations can post their services, request resources, and access the databases of needs, donations, and volunteers by clicking on “I Represent a Local Organization” above.


  • I saw on the news that people need clothing and baby wipes. What else is needed and where do we drop these things off?

    barbarap "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I'm available to help any day this week after 3:00pm. Thanks all of your help. Gayle

    gayleb "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Just PM me on Facebook-Gayle Bohanon

    gayleb "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I am a teacher. I would love to offer my services as a person to watch children while the parents take care of business. I can play games, sing songs, or just hang out.

    Jhaynes "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Hi all, please don't let us know what you can do here in the comments - it's not searchable! Go to the buttons above and let us know what you can donate or volunteer. Thank you!

    morgan "(over 5 years ago)"
  • A couple of my friends and I will be available tomorrow to help with donation sorting, donation delivery, cleaning up, or any dire need. Please let us know what you need.

    keyat "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I have an ice vending unit in sachse and am willing to donate ice as needed. Also, clean, filtered drinking water, but i have a limited number of 1 gal. containers.

    hoofnaja "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I am able to volunteer my time as needed!!

    CindyMcCarty "(over 5 years ago)"
  • My kids and I are making stuffed animals for any children that might need a soft friend to cuddle with throughout all of this. Please let me know of any kids that would find comfort in this small, but hopefully, meaningful, form of support. Ages and genders might be helpful, too!

    danaw "(over 5 years ago)"
  • hi, my name is brenda stephany and if you need a few volunteers let me know. in addition, what items are you in need of and where to bring the them to. my phone is 601-723-9292.

    brenda13 "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I would like to volunteer my time to help the victims. Please let me know what I can do.


    Pjames "(over 5 years ago)"
  • is there anywhere people can drop off baby items like new crib,new clothing,bouncers and other baby items. I would like to donate but live in fort Worth and hope that maybe someone would be willing to take items to a drop off area. I am sure many people would help but want to keep road ways clear for emergency vehicle s.

    ogallia "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Hi,I am able to volunteer my time as needed.

    Iva47 "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I would like to volunteer my time to help the victims. Please let me know what I can do.Also I would like to gather other items that may be needed

    tammys "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Currently, we are needing pop-top canned food: meat, spaghettios, ravioli, etc. and easy-to-fix meals: pancake mix/syrup, peanut butter/jelly, spaghetti/pasta sauce and snack-type items: granola & energy bars, instant oatmeal. For hygiene: baby/body wipes, razors/shaving cream

    You may bring the donations to Good Samaritans of Garland at 214 N. 12th Street (corner of 12th & State).

    For volunteering to help, after First Responders have gone in to all damaged areas and assessed needs, we will then move into the Recovery phase and equipped to provide more specific volunteer needs.

    We are so very grateful for the outpouring of support...please know your eagerness and willingness to help is very encouraging! Thank you so much!

    GoodSam "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Thanks, GoodSam. I'm going to buy the supplies you requested and drop off today. Please also provide a web site for online donation (through Paypal preferred), or we can donate on site at Good Samaritans of Garland. Thank you for being there for the victims.


    huynhat "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Thanks GoodSam. My family and I will bring the items you posted. Be there within 2 hours. Thank you for your help and coordination. Jennifer

    sanogoj "(over 5 years ago)"
  • How do we volunteer for cleanup?

    maxwell36 "(over 5 years ago)"
  • does anyone know where I can bring my older kids teenagers to help out today? We can help in any way, inside or outside. We have experience with debris removal, shelters etc? Looking to help before they have to return to school.

    BHaden "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I have womenswear and shoes to donate if needed

    kjt61 "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Anyone needing help with clean up let me know. I can and will help in anyway needed. I also have a p/u truck. Please let me know. rgodbey69@yahoo.com

    rong "(over 5 years ago)"
  • If anyone needs help with cleanup I have 2 teenagers and myself. We have helped with debris cleanup in previous tornadoes. Feel free to contact me at awsoftball12@yahoo.com

    chazlett12 "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Would like to help where needed

    Cynthiaann "(over 5 years ago)"
  • where can i drop items off and ale we would like to help with clean up

    Chrobaks "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I am willing to help volunteer if anyone needs assistance with translation in Spanish or any area available. omiranda1234@yahoo.com

    Miranda "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Looking to make the drive up from New Braunfels this weekend. Needing to get connected with a local group/church that could use the volunteers. Contact me if you know of one. lpatino208@gmail.com or text 208-412-5416. Thanks!

    leticiap "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I am headed your way to assist in re-building better & stronger to withstand the next tornado season. I will be in your area in about 2 weeks. Please put me in contact with the appropriate organizations. A better e-mail for me is tornadoalleyrebuildingproject@yahoo.com or call me, any time. James

    jamesg "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Thank you, Good Sam, for updating the website. The posting of current needs is helpful to the many of us who want to donate or volunteer.

    LaurieG "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I am a paralegal and Texas notary for Dallas county. I cannot provide legal counseling but can help you understand legal documents. If you need help or a notary, please call me at 214-784-9343. I will come to you or meet you somewhere. Be smart during recovery. Jana Taylor

    janat "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Please let me know where do they need volunteers to clean up or sort foods or whatever help is needed.

    vquiasua "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Hi! I am so very sorry about what has happened in your community. You may want to consider running a Booster campaign. You can raise a ton of money to donate to any organization of your choosing that is able to help. We were able to raise over $100,000 for South Carolina Flood relief. There is no cost to anyone to run the campaign. If you want to get one set up, I can get our design team on it right away-- just let me know. Here is the example. https://www.booster.com/scfloodrelief Please email me at jdowning@booster.com and I can help you get set up very easily.

    jdowning "(over 5 years ago)"
  • can I volunteer with out being a resident?

    maryp1991 "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Our hearts go out to those affected by the terrible storms and flooding this past weekend. We have two bedroom apartments available at Shiloh Oaks. We are waiving deposits and application fees for tornado victims. Please let us know how we can help. 972-530-7175.

    Sherryj "(over 5 years ago)"
  • How can I find missing friends from Garland? Their phones are not working.

    LongtimeFriend "(over 5 years ago)"
  • If any mothers need breast milk, we've been collecting (we started for one mom of twins, and generous Texas moms continue to give us more so we can help more) since yesterday. We will also help locate any breast feeding supplies they might need.


    bethanye "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Desire to help cleaning up the area ......Contact Bonnie Wood @ 1bknovak1@gmail.com

    Or any other volunteer need ....I am available to work

    BBCayuga "(over 5 years ago)"
  • I am available to pick up and deliver smaller items. My car is a Honda Accord and I'm more than happy to pick up and drop off goods to folks that can not get out to get their supplies. Available Monday through Friday 9 - 5. May GOd bless all the victims and the relief volunteers, police officers, fire personnel and all other volunteers.

    EllaWatson25@yahoo.com "(over 5 years ago)"
  • If you want to help tomorrow we will be meeting/starting at 5301 Brookport dr Garland TX 75043 @ 10am. BRING A CHAINSAW.

    ddurbin "(over 5 years ago)"
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