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posted about 4 years ago by GarlandOEM from Garland, TX Office of Emergency Management
This update is over 30 days old.

Remember, you can search existing needs and provide assistance accordingly.


  • We are in the process of grouping around 6-20 guys who can come in with chainsaws if needed this end of week/weekend or whenever. We would like to help out in anyway but would like to be contacted so we can set that up before cleanup starts so we have a plan for up to 20 guys already.

    ddurbin "(about 4 years ago)"
  • That number could grow also we just need to be told when, how many, and what we need to bring and do.

    ddurbin "(about 4 years ago)"
  • Where can you search for needs?

    ACOHIBA13 "(about 4 years ago)"
  • I have a chainsaw and truck and would be happy to help

    craigh "(about 4 years ago)"
  • I have chainsaw and Truck as well, happy to help where I can.

    clear121 "(about 4 years ago)"
  • Would also like to know where/ how to search for needs.... Can't seem to find the link. Thanks!

    heatherw "(about 4 years ago)"
  • My husband has a chainsaw/truck and is available to help.

    Lorrie "(about 4 years ago)"
  • Where can you search for existing needs on this site?????

    Jbwalker03 "(about 4 years ago)"
  • I can help all day on Saturday to do any volunteer work. Email me at

    whitneyg "(about 4 years ago)"
  • I got an emial saying we could search but i cant find it either it seems like the home page and whats listed is all you get.. I dunno, if i find anything out or if anyone else does please email me. We could all form a large group with chainsaws or whatever they need to clean up. We have serious people wanting to help.

    ddurbin "(about 4 years ago)"
  • Go to "find resources" and you can see all the places that need volunteers or donations then just call the number associated with it to find out what time they're open

    Jbrown2810 "(about 4 years ago)"
  • I had lived in the Oaks subdivision, near Tolar school. Can anyone tell me how bad that area is? Than you.

    shibby "(about 4 years ago)"

    ddurbin "(about 4 years ago)"
  • Ryan.porten@ would like to help any way possible. Have truck

    Ryandani "(about 4 years ago)"
  • We are a large group that are will to help clear debris or sort donations, walk animals. Anything! Please contact

    DallasEliteFootball "(about 4 years ago)"
  • Having trouble finding the "find resources" or any other link to get a listing of what is needed in terms of volunteer work and/or goods. Please provide us with a link or some instructions. Thank you.

    scherdonate "(about 4 years ago)"
  • I can be available anytime. I have reliable transportation and basic home tools, but can help with debris removal.

    MikeFulkerson "(about 4 years ago)"
  • Available for debris removal, have basic tools, transportation, handyman skills. More than willing to do what is needed anywhere. I can sort donations etc,. I also have computer/networking skills. I might be able to get data back from damaged devices.
    "Remember, you can search existing needs and provide assistance accordingly." I can't find where to do this? I have found the resources available site which you can browse for needs.

    dylanapollo "(about 4 years ago)"
  • If anyone is looking for temporary housing please contact me at 832-542-1214. I service all of DFW .These are fully furnished apartment homes. 1-4 bedrooms. I do work with insurance companies. Ask for Tamika Taylor. Optimus Corporate Housing

    Jazmyne228 "(about 4 years ago)"
  • If you want to help tomorrow we will be meeting/starting at 5301 Brookport dr Garland TX 75043 @ 10am. BRING A CHAINSAW.

    ddurbin "(about 4 years ago)"
  • Texas cleanup services is available for debris removal contact us 8175252531 for any removal needs

    colbyg "(about 4 years ago)"
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