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We have received a letter from a volunteer that worked with us this past weekend. This volunteer became concerned about the state of some of the donations that came in, and wrote the letter to voice their concerns, and also to give suggestions to other donators of what and how to donate.

I would like to list the highlights of this letter below:

1. Please be sure your donations are ready for delivery, so that they can easily be set out where they need to be. a. Separate toys, books, games, etc. by age. Box or bag like items together. b.Separate clothing by size and then by type. -For example: put all size 10 women’s pants together, before putting them with the other pants. Stack clothing with largest size on the bottom of the stack and end with smallest size on the top.

  1. All donations need to be in good condition. a. Please be sure that all clothes are NEW with the tags still attached or in their original packaging b.Clothing donations would be more appreciated if they are presentable and up to date with the current fashion. Everyone needs professional, presentable, clothing for their occupation.

  2. A variety of sizes and ages of clothing would be greatly appreciated. a. There have not been many options for plus sizes b.Clothing for children ages 5-17 would also be very helpful. -Please be sure that this clothing is up to date and in good condition. c. Please refrain from donating undergarments unless they are new with the tags still attached or in their original packaging. d.Any donated shoes should be in good repair. e. ALL baby items MUST be NEW.

  3. Donated clothing should be relevant to the current season, or for the next season coming. a. For example: a swimsuit would be more appreciated in May or June rather than December or January.

  4. Pillows and blankets are in high demand. a. At this time, we are only able to give each family one pillow and one blanket regardless of the amount of people in the family. b.ALL pillows and blankets MUST be NEW and in their original packaging. c. If you are donating an air mattress, please include a pump.

  5. We need more toys than just stuffed animals. a. Outside toys are greatly needed. Balls, scooters, bikes, helmets, etc. b.Older children would benefit more from board or card games than from stuffed animals. c. Books should cover wide age range, but should still be appropriate.

In general, please consider how you would feel on the other side of this situation, and what you would appreciate people trying to give to you.

We know that everyone donating has the best intentions, and we just want to be able to use your donation in the way you intended.

Thank You!


  • This is excellent information. Should be used for all disaster donation requests.

    HelpMeRhonda58 "(over 5 years ago)"
  • Hello! I am offering to pick up any donations in the form of clothing, toys, bikes, food, etc and deliver it to the proper location. I have a truck and actively work in North Texas. I work for MoitzCo a storm damage general contracting firm. So I am in the process of picking up supplies from my customer as well as anyone who does not have the means to deliver. I can be reached at 214-650-8867 or 888-583-8890 My name Steve.

    MoitzCo "(over 5 years ago)"
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